Ugandan security forces withdraw from Bobby Wayne’s home

„They are leaving now, and we hope that will not change later today,“ said George Mossessi.

The The Ugandan Supreme Court has ordered the security forces To end Wayne’s house arrest on Monday.

Judge Michael Elobo, who heads the court’s civil circuit, said that if the government had evidence against Wayne, he should be charged in court and not „detained without justification in his home,“ according to Mossessi.

Wayne, a popular singer, was the opposition’s front runner in the January 14 presidential election, and the military and police have besieged his home since the election ended.

President Yoweri MusevenI announced victory in the elections for a record sixth term by the country’s electoral commission, amid Allegations of fraud and forgery.

Wayne rejects the election results, saying he has evidence of fraud and intimidation.

Today’s Wayne team will decide whether to resume the election results. Mosesi added that Wayne’s team had hoped to make a decision sooner, but was unable to meet due to the house arrest.

Prevent the American ambassador from visiting

The deadline to do so is February 2.

The US embassy in Uganda welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying that it „affirms the role of the impartial judiciary.“

„Freedom of expression, assembly and movement must be respected for all in a democratic society,“ she said. In a tweet on Monday.

She said in a Facebook post that US Ambassador Natalie E. Brown was prevented from visiting Wayne on January 18 when she went to check on his health and safety.

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