The original Celeste now has a sequel that you can play in your browser

Celeste Was one of Most popular games of 2018However, what you may not know is that the tightly designed gaming platform was an extended version of a smaller project developed in four days in a crowded game. The original was created by Maddy Thorson and Noelle Berry Celeste For the Pico-8 platform, and now this release has a supplement called Celeste 2: Lanny Trek.

Developers, including composer Lena Raine, say this game only lasted three days. Release to celebrate its third anniversary CelesteRelease.

If you are not used to Pico-8, It is a „virtual console“ that gives developers a framework to build games as if they were actual hardware with specific technical capabilities. The games are limited to a resolution of 128 x 128, for example, and a specific palette of 16 colors, which results in a distinct look. Games can be accessed via the Pico-8 front-end itself or distributed separately.

at Celeste 2In case, you can download the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi versions for free From Itch.ioOr, run it in your browser at this link. (I highly recommend using a controller, since the keyboard controls … are tough.) The soundtrack is also available On Bandcamp.

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