Stephen Curry leads the Clippers victory by 22 points

The Golden State Warriors might just be a playoff squad if Stephen Curry kept that guy on.

In another performance, the former MVP led the Warriors to a 115-110 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, improving the team’s record to 5-4.

Curry almost single-handedly cleared a deficit of 85-63 with three minutes remaining in the third quarter, scoring or assisting in 16 of the Warriors‘ next 18 points. Then he started doing things like this in the fourth quarter:

He finally finished with 38 points and 11 assists, saving the best of last with this dagger on Paul George:

For warriors, Curry’s eruption is more than a welcome sight. It’s the only way they were able to win this year:

Clippers haunted by the bubble?

The Clippers ended up scoring 52-20 points after going up to 22 points, and you can hear the laughter from NBA Twitter here.

Lots of NBA fans will look back at this incredible progression and naturally jump to the finale of „Same ol ‚Clippers,“ with memories of a 3–1 advance with the comeback of the multiple Denver Nuggets that are still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Naturally, these Clippers (with a new coach and some new players) have made a double-digit lead and maintained their lead against the Nuggets this season, as well as the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers. In fact, this was the first loss for the Four Clippers this season in which they had advanced by more than two points at any given time.

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But that’s just what happens when you have the kind of playoffs that the Clippers just did, especially with the history of the Clippers, and the naming of chokers won’t disappear unless the Clippers do something exciting, which isn’t until post-season at least.

Lots of teams have blasted 20 points in the lead this year (which is especially messy thanks to the offseason truncation), but the Clippers will have to deal with this familiar combo when it happens to them.

Stephen Curry couldn’t stop. (AP Photo / Tony Avilar)

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