Prince Harry may be an athlete in a ponytail, Rob Lowe claims his California neighbor

GB Lacroix / Getty Images; Samir Hussein / WireImage Rob Lowe, Prince Harry

Prince Harry According to an unexpected new hairstyle Rob Lowe.

The actor revealed during his appearance on Late Show with James Corden He believes he caught a peek at his new royal neighbor as he drove through the Montecito neighborhood.

„I just ran into your fellow English treasure, Prince Harry, at the traffic light 10 minutes ago,“ Lowe told the host. „He lives a mile away from me. He was very lonely. Seeing him in the neighborhood is like seeing a Loch Ness monster, and I finally saw him. Finally I saw him driving his car.“

Lowe continued that he „might have the scoop“ on the Duke of Sussex.

The actor said, „It was very, very fast – don’t quite quote me – but it looks like he’s wearing a ponytail.“ „I’m just saying. It seemed to me as an informal observer that his hair had grown so long and pulled so hard through what I could only assume was a ponytail.“

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Corden seemed skeptical of gossip style. „I’m sure this is wrong,“ said the host. „Do you know what I think happened? I guess you haven’t seen Prince Harry.“

„Oh no, it was him because I had to say – I followed him home to see if the car got in,“ Lowe confessed, laughing.

COURTNEY AFRICA / AFP via Getty Images Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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If Prince Harry, 36, is already trying longer locks, he already knows how to manage such a style. In fact, Harry Megan, 39, helped Fix her ponytail She wears a necklace during their visit to Morocco in February 2019.

Fadel Sina / AFP via Getty Images

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Megan and Prince Harry – along with her one-year-old son Archie – moved to California in March to start their new life after leaving their roles as senior working members of the royal family.

They bought their new home in Montecito, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, in the summer. The nine-bedroom mansion, which was purchased for $ 14 million, is a family of three.Permanent home, A former source told PEOPLE.

„They both love California, and Santa Barbara has its magic – mountains, oceans, vineyards, flowers and gardens,“ said a source close to the couple. „she is very beautiful.“

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