Instructor K laughs at the student reporter before asking for sympathy

Duke coach Mike Krzewski blasted off in a moment of unprofessionalism when he tackled a reporter after his team lost 70-65 to Louisville on Saturday.

Krzyzewski faced a harmless question: What’s the next step forward as the Blue Devils move into next week?

„Yeah, why don’t we just rate this game,“ Krzyzewski said Post game. „You know, I’m not in our next step forward now. We just finished a tough match.“

Instructor K then attempted to communicate with the student in an embarrassing exchange.

„I don’t know if, like, when – what’s your major?“ Krzyzewski asked. “What’s your specialty at Duke? What is your hardest class? „

Piazza replied, „Economy.“

“Well, let’s assume you just had the toughest economic test in the world,” Krzyzewski said. “And when you got out, someone asked you, ‚What’s your next step? „See what I mean? Just because you have some sympathy – just give us time to rate this game and then we’ll find out, just as we always try to do it.“

It’s not a good sign that Coach K, a 73-year-old who gets paid millions to deal with the rigors of his job, equates himself with a student who finishes an exam. The comparison is clearly deeply flawed.

If we’re real, Coach K should show some sympathy for this student reporter, who posed a simple question that doesn’t deserve such a scathing response.

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