Embryo fossils showed that tyrannosaurs were the size of dogs

This artist’s impression shows what a little tyrannosaurus might look like.

Julius Cassotone

Tyrannosaurs roamed the Earth long before baby pictures appeared, so all we have is a fossil record to see what they looked like in their early days. It was a difficult search, but a discovery.The first known fossils of Tyrannosaurus embryos„Helps create an image.

A research team led by a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh Greg Fonston He studied the small jawbone and claw fragments belonging to the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex cousins. The team created a 3D survey to analyze the fossils and determined that the dinosaurs were 3 feet (about 1 meter) long when they hatched.

the team His results were published in the Canadian Journal of Geosciences on Monday. The newspaper said that „eggs and embryos of tyrannosaurs are still elusive, and samples of juveniles – although they are known – are rare.“ Funston suggested It is possible that tyrannosaurs laid soft-shell eggs that could not be easily preserved as fossils.

While the eggs haven’t been found yet, fragments of the fossil embryo tell us. The team’s work indicates that the eggs were about 17 inches (43 cm) long and the young were the size of Border Collie dogs when they took their first steps.

This fossilized part of the jawbone comes from a baby dinosaur.

Greg Fonston

Dinosaurs dominated the dinosaurs‘ popularity thanks to their large size, small arms and predatory nature. They can reach 40 feet (12 meters), which makes imagining them as fluffy babies the size of a dog very wild.

This might sound overwhelming, but remember it could have been wrapped inside an egg Funston wrote in a blog post.

„These bones are the first window into the early life of dinosaurs and they teach us the size and appearance of young tyrannosaurs.“ Funston said in a statement on Monday. „We now know that they will be the biggest hatchlings that have ever spawned, and they will look remarkably like their parents – both of which are good signs for finding more material in the future.“

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