Del Moss opens up to the bachelorette about his split with Claire Crowley: There’s no one to blame

Del Moss He talks about being separated from Claire Crowley.

the previous „BacheloretteThe couple made headlines in November when it was revealed that Crowley would be leaving the show only a few weeks later – as she felt she had already found Moss’s winner, Who suggested it to her at first.

Now, the former NFL broadband receiver is Moving to social media To shed some light on his split from Crowley, 39, after a brief hiatus on social media.

In a series of Instagram Stories on Monday, Moss, 32, noted that he finally felt „comfortable“ talking about the situation after the split.

Claire Crowley writes a letter with hearts of heart after graduating from „BA“

Young Del Moss opens up about his split from Claire Crowley. The breaking news was announced last week. (ABC / Craig Sajodin)

“Finally I feel comfortable getting here after taking the time to tackle everything that has happened,” Moss opens the initial story. „I know many of you have seen me smile on social media and say I don’t look hurt or burdened with this, but that’s far from it. This time is bad.“

Moss continued, „Thank God I have friends and family, because they literally had to get pregnant for the last two weeks or more.“

Clary Crowley, Dale Moss Split

Moss admitted that the pressures of establishing a public relationship had affected the couple’s big split.

Moss noted that „building a relationship in general is difficult, especially when you do so in the public eye.“ „The media will take things and work with them. People will spread lies or always want to point fingers. But the truth of the matter is that there is not a single person to blame in this situation.“

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Moss continued, noting that every relationship has „ups and downs.“

Del Moss (left) and Claire Crowley (right) separated after several months of clash.  (Craig Sajodin / ABC via Getty Images)

Del Moss (left) and Claire Crowley (right) separated after several months of clash. (Craig Sajodin / ABC via Getty Images)

„Like every relationship, we have had ups and downs and we transcended our own matters. But the data that came out did not come out of thin air,“ he continued, An apparent reference to Crowley’s recent claim She was „aware of a“ mutual statement „at the same time that the public saw Moss‘ initial announcement of the split last week.

He added, „I love Claire and respect Claire enough to tell her how I feel, even if it goes against everyone’s expectations.“

Claire Crowley, „Baccalaureate“ star, speaks after Del Moss‘ split: „I’m broken.“

Although Moss wrestled with a gritty face throughout his stories, he stated that it would take some time to move forward and return to his normal life.

Moss said, „It would take some time. I wanted nothing more than making this relationship work.“ „[…] While this will be difficult, what you will see of me is trying to practice what I preach and keep doing my best every day. While trying to find some sense of normality, I will also be trying to find joy and happiness every day and keep sharing that.

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He concluded by saying: „Everything is in the hand of God.“

Crowley He issued a statement on Instagram Regarding the break-up on Thursday, noting, „This was not what I expected.

And the star continued: „Speaking of myself, my intentions in this relationship were always clear, so the truth is that I am broken.“ „This was not what I expected or had hoped for and I am still trying to address it.“

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Then the reality star thought about 2020, calling it „every year hell“.

In 2020 she said she faced “extreme anxiety”, the coronavirus pandemic, “a balance between a new public relationship” and “slowly losing my mother” – circumstances that made her “look to the light at the end of the tunnel”.

Fox News Nate Day contributed to this report

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