Ariel Pink is shot down by Record Label after attending the pro-Trump rally

The Mexican summer record company cut ties with it Ariel Pink After the independent musician drew criticism for attending a pro-Trump rally in Washington, DC, earlier this week.

“Due to recent events, Mexican Summer and his staff have decided to end their business relationship with Ariel Rosenberg, moving forward,” Mexican Summer said Friday.

The company released Pink’s latest album, in 2017 Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, In addition to his 2019 collection Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2. The Mexican Summer is also slated to release a series of „Ariel Archives“ on January 29th. As of press time, these editions are still available for purchase on the Mexican Summer website. The Summer Mexican and Pink actors didn’t respond right away Rolling rockRequest for comment.

next A mob pro-Trump stormed the Capitol On Wednesday, a photo that has since been deleted appeared on Pink’s social media, with fellow artist John Maus and director Alex Lee Moyer reporting attending the Trump rally.

“I was in the capital to peacefully demonstrate my support for the president,” Pink later I acknowledge On Twitter. „I attended the gathering in the White House lawn and went back to the hotel and took a nap. The case is closed.“

Soon after, the name Pink started popping up on Twitter, which led to further trolling from the singer. “Welcome to Panoptijan [sic]. They wasted no time … Save yourselves friends, untie me now and hand me over before they come for you, Pink wrote, adding: „Vote for Trump.“

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