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an actress Mira FurlanWho played Mainbury Dylan ambassador in the science fiction drama series Babylon 5 She passed away on January 20. She was 65 years old.

Forlan’s death was announced on Furlan’s Twitter account and confirmed Babylon 5 Creator J. Michael Straczynski, who praised the ingenious actress.

He wrote, „It is a night of great sadness, because our friend and companion has walked the road where we cannot reach her.“ “Mira was a kind and kind woman, an amazingly talented performer and friend of everyone on the cast and crew of Babel 5, and the news ruined us all.

Forlan was born in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 1955, and was a famous and award-winning theater, film and television actress in the former Yugoslavia. She has starred in several plays, TV series, and movies, including the 1985 Oscar-nominated Golden Palm Prince of Kusturica. When the father was away from work.

Forlan immigrated to the United States with her husband in November 1991, during the early stages of marriage The Croatian War of Independence, one of several conflicts that led to the dissolution of the Yugoslav federation. According to Straczynski, Forlan was receiving death threats due to her continuing travel across the collapsed country with a theater troupe.

Immediately after arriving in the United States, Forlan quickly assumed the position of Ambassador Dylan Babylon 5That lasted for five seasons.

After the end of the Yugoslav Wars in 2001, Forlan began traveling back and forth between Hollywood and Croatia, working on film and television projects in both countries. In the US, she played the role of Daniel Russo on ABC Lost. Includes her serial credits as well Just add magic And the Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

The cause of death was not revealed by Straczynski writing, „We’ve known for some time that Mira’s health was deteriorating … and we were all frightened this day.“

Furlan’s Twitter account shared what appears to be her recent thoughts about the approaching end of life. Fittingly, while looking at the stars „Where am I going soon?“ Forlan conjured up her famous photo Babylon 5 Letter. „We’re all stars, I suddenly remember Dylan’s line from Joe’s text,“ she said.

Her husband Furlan survived, Goran Jagic and their son.

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