WWE RAW viewers with Asuka vs Alexa Bliss Main Event

Monday’s WWE RAW live episode, featuring Alexa Bliss vs. RAW women and WWE Women’s Team Champion Asuka in the main event, attracted an average of 1.855 million viewers on the USA Network, according to Showbuzz Daily.

That’s up from 1.819 million viewers last week.

In this week’s show, the first hour attracted 1.991 million viewers (last week’s hour 1 – 2.024 million), the second hour attracted 1.875 million viewers (last week’s hour 2 – 1.802 million) and the last hour attracted 1.697 million viewers (last week’s hour 3 – 1.632 million) ).

This is the first week that there is no football competition for RAW. Monday’s college football match dominated, and the NFL regular season concluded the week before that. It will be interesting to see if RAW viewership is increasing as it is now since there is no weekly football competition.

RAW ranked # 34 on the night for viewership on cable, higher than 38th last week, and behind Rachel Maddow Show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Anderson Cooper 360, Last Word, The Five, Cuomo Prime Time, Situation Room at 5pm, Erin Burnett Outfront, Deadline: White House, Hannity, Reidout, CNN Tonight at 10pm, Situation Room at 6pm, 11th Hour, Beat, All In, Special Report, Lead with Jake Tapper, CNN Newsroom at 3pm, CNN Newsroom at 2pm, CNN Newsroom at 1 pm, The Ingraham Angle, CNN Newsroom at 12 pm, Warriors vs. Lakers NBA, CNN Newsroom at 11 am Bucks vs. Nets NBA, CNN Newsroom at 10 am, CNN Tonight at 11 PM, MTP Daily, MSNBC Live at 10 am, FOX News Primetime and MSNBC Live at 2 PM and MSNBC Live at 3 PM.

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RAW ranked No. 3 on the night on the Cable Top 150, with an average of 18-49 demographic rating 0.60, down from No. 5 last week by 0.55. The NBA game on TNT between Lakers and Warriors topped tonight at the top of Cable’s 150, with a 0.91 rating in the main 18-49 age group, and attracting 2.318 million viewers. The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC tonight on cable topped the viewership at 4,083 million, ranking 13th on the top 150 cable with a rating of 0.36 on the main demonstration.

The Bachelor on ABC attracted an average of 5.002 million viewers on TV broadcast at 8 p.m. while The Neighborhood attracted 6.087 million viewers on CBS, Ellen’s Game of Games attracted 3.230 million viewers on NBC, 911 attracted 7.193 million viewers on FOX and The CW’s All American Stories 1.053 million viewers, all at 8 pm on TV broadcasts.

Below is our 2021 RAW Viewership Tracker:

January 4th episode: 2.128 million viewers rated 0.68 in the 18-49 age group (Legends Night episode)
January 11th episode: 1.819 million viewers, an average of 0.55 in the 18-49 age group
January 18th episode: 1.855 million viewers with an average of 0.60 in the 18-49 age group
January 25 episode:

2020 Total: 97.744 million viewers over 52 episodes
Average 2020: 1.880 million viewers per episode

2019 Total: 125.746 million viewers over 52 episodes
Average 2019: 2.418 million viewers per episode

2018 Total: 149.628 million viewers over 53 episodes
Average 2018: 2.823 million viewers per episode

Total 2017: 156.971 million viewers over 52 episodes
Average 2017: 3.018 million viewers per episode

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