Why the JT Realmuto / Braves rumor doesn’t make any sense

As potential suitors for JT Realmoto Diminishing Continues, Robert Murray of Fansided Tweets That Braves is „spinning“ the Free Agent hunter, adding that some clubs on the West Coast are also still interested in the previous All-Star game.

It’s surprising to see Braves hooking up with Realmuto for a number of reasons. Atlanta already has a maven Travis Darno Signed for $ 8 million in 2021, and is coming out of the .273 / .336 / .465 appearing over the past two seasons. Moreover, Realmuto has been looking for the specific kind of long-term contracts that Braves General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has avoided since taking over in Atlanta.

Wait for the brave Dallas KuchelTo get a one-year deal and choose not to approach the four-year Twins show when trying to keep it Josh Donaldson. They fell Cole Hamills On a one-year deal last winter rather than seeking a multi-year deal with Zach Wheeler or Madison Pomgarner. Buster Olney from ESPN recently Recently wrote that Marcel Ozona A ‚highly unlikely‘ return to Atlanta. Ozona, of course, himself pursues a profitable deal for several years.

This type of contract simply did not exist in the Braves Directory under the current front office system. Sure, it only takes one exception to change the narrative, but with Feliz’s recent reports In the range of $ 110 million over five years, The Realmuto-to-Braves deal will need to break the short-term Braves template in a somewhat dramatic way. It’s also possible that Braves has been „carousel“ – a vague term for sure – to see if Realmuto chooses to continue in Yasmany GrandalFollowing in the footsteps and making a one-year deal due to dissatisfaction with multi-year offers. It’d be an expensive deal for a year or even two in Braves wheelhouse, depending on recent history. It’s also hard to envision when Phillies put on a nine-figure show.

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Realmuto has been outspoken in the past about its desire to develop the market for hunters in the future. It’s a big part of the reason he went to a jury with Phillies last year, where he defended his $ 12.4 million salary against the team’s $ 10 million deposit number. The Velez won that session, however Realmuto said after that He was „fighting for a cause and fighting for the rest of the catcher“, adding that he was „proud“ to fight for the next generations of players in his position. These comments don’t make him seem like a musk bent on taking too much of an opponent anywhere.

All this means that if Realmuto were to strike a short-term agreement, the deal would likely represent a crucial new record for the annual value of the catch. This amount currently belongs to Joe Mawr, Who was being paid an average of $ 23 million a year over the eight years of his contract with the twins. However, the Velez are said to actually deliver nearly that amount over a five-year period, which makes it hard to see Realmuto pulling back from a short-term arrangement. This is especially true when the current show of Phils will set a record in its own right – the first nine-figure contract for a free agent hunter. (Mawer W. Buster Bossi They signed their nine-figure deals as extensions while still under club control).

Also of note, Braves‘ word of interest only benefits Realmuto camp if they’re looking to push the Phillies show a little further north. A five-year deal at $ 110 million will shamefully come off AAV’s record for hunters, and surpassing that annual $ 23 million is definitely something that still matters to Realmuto.

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The vague nature of the reports in this case does not indicate that Atlanta is comfortable striking an uncharacteristic nine-digit deal, and there will be a seismic difference between hoping Realmuto falls into their arms on a short-term contract, Grandal-esque and taking a real tour at the highest market rates. Anthopoulos and his crew may think Realmuto is a squad maker worth pulling back from their usual hard-line stance against such contracts, but there is no real evidence to support that thinking at this time.

If Braves eventually breaks the character and signs Realmuto at a bonus, and pays d’Arnaud into a $ 8 million backup or commercial candidate in the process, they’d be a better team for it. But history does not support them in undertaking aggressive multi-year play, and it appears to be a well-timed scenario being put forward as his rival Velez appears to be in an increasingly favorable position to re-sign his star support.

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