While Ravens plans to break up with Mark Ingram, he’s going to be a healthy scratchy tonight

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Mark IngramThe time for crows is practically over.

Yes, he is still in the team. Yes, he will likely play again this year if a string of injuries forces him to join the squad.

But if there is any doubt about his future, then there should be no doubt now. ESPN.com’s Adam Shifter reports that Ingram It will be a healthy scratch Playoff game tonight against Beals.

„Ingram is completely healthy and reportedly understands that this is a business decision for Baltimore due to salary cap considerations,“ says Shifter.

The business decision is this: Ingram will earn a base salary of $ 5 million in 2021. Of course, it will be reduced before that number reaches the maximum on March 17th.

Under the 2020 CBA Act, if Ingram suffers a serious injury that prevents him from playing for Ravens or anyone else in 2021, he will be entitled to $ 2 million. Also under the CBA, the first $ 1.2 million from that payment would be counted against the salary cap. (Another $ 800,000 will be treated as a player benefit cost.)

Consequently, Ravens is trying to avoid an unnecessary 2021 cap fee of $ 1.2 million by putting Ingram back on the field again. With JK Dobbins And the Jos Edwards When doing so in background mode, it’s a no-brainer for a team willing to disconnect from Ingram, anyway.

Then again, it’s only $ 1.2 million. If the crows see real value in playing Ingram as they pursue a championship, they will. Obviously, they don’t.

In 2020, the Ingram 72 had a low career stand and a career low of 299 yards. With 7,324 accelerating yards since entering the league in 2011, Ingram ranked 60th on the all-time rush list, with more yard space than Hall of Famer Leroy Kelly, DeMarco Murray, Curt Warner, Robert Smith and Hall of Famer John Henry Johnson The Foster Arian.

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