When SPACs attack! A new force invades Wall Street.

The most important thing in finance is four characters long. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal Has one. As well Former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Same goes for Billionaire William Ackman of the Silver-haired Hedge Fund.

It’s called the SPAC, and it’s increasingly the preferred source of funding for private companies looking to go public. Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. Space Exploration Richard Branson launched its shares for an IPO through SPAC in 2019, and sports betting company DraftKings Inc. So last year. Nearly 300 SPAC companies are now pursuing militant deals of nearly $ 90 billion in cash. And more is being brought up in an angry clip – so far this year, an average of five new SPAC centers have been launched every business day.

„If you don’t have your own SPAC, you’re not one,“ said Peter Atwater, founder of research firm Financial Insyghts.

SPACs – which stands for special purpose buyout companies – are basically large pools of cash that are listed on a stock exchange. Their goal is to find, buy, and go public with a private company quickly. Some on Wall Street call them „blank check companies“ because the investors who support SPAC put their money in months before setting the goal of the acquisition, and trust the people running the offer to find a good deal.

These deals generate a lot of interest as they are It produces large batches for its creatorsMake it easy for startups in hot industries like electric cars to take advantage of the buttery increase in the stock market and offer a new path for ordinary investors to get hot stocks. When SPAC buys a company, it merges with it in a kind of rapid IPO process – a so-called „reverse merger“ – while bypassing the normal scrutiny that an IPO receives.

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