Volkswagen CEO Elon Musk teases Tesla to make his Twitter debut

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Dees mocks his friendly rivalry with Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his Twitter debut as he tries to position Volkswagen as the leader in electricity.

Tesla and Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is an avid user of Twitter and has managed to build over 42 million people on the platform.

You can easily make the argument that the Musk Twitter account was an important asset for Tesla as one of the carmaker’s primary ways to spread information about its products, services, and technologies.

Musk also used the platform to help recruit people for Tesla and receive feedback from customers.

We recently reported Tesla is looking to hire people to handle complaints to Elon Musk on Twitter.

On the other hand, the CEO also used the platform for Spread false information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Deiss follows Musk on Twitter

While they are technically rivals, Des and Musk say they have a friendly relationship.

The two met late last year when Des showed a Volkswagen ID.3 to Mask.

Deiss has often publicly shared that he admires what Musk and Tesla have done to electrify the industry, and since becoming CEO of Volkswagen in 2018, he has tried to direct the German automaker to try to catch up with Tesla’s leadership in the key aspects of electrification.

Now, Dees is also taking to Twitter, and in his first tweet, he decides to make fun of his rivalry with Musk:

While the comment is clearly a tongue in the cheek, it could actually help a Volkswagen electrify voltage if Diess could post more information about VW electric cars to the powerful electric car community on Twitter.

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Diess is also trying to gain some Tesla stock market momentum to dump the Volkswagen Group.

Tesla is about 8 times Volkswagen’s valuation of $ 100 billion although the German carmaker is also investing heavily in electric cars and battery production.

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