[VIDEO] Bling Empire: Trailer for Netflix Reality

Just when you thought you had enough reality shows to take your craze in, a new addition arrived: On Friday, Netflix unveiled the official trailer for Bling EmpireBasically it is Crazy Rich Asians Meets Real Housewives With a dash of keeping up with the Kardashians intrigue.

The series, which premieres Friday, January 15th on the streaming service, follows a group of wealthy Asian and Asian American socialites with more money than you will see in your life. Feel free to cry over student loans as these wealthy friends light up Los Angeles with rave parties and lavish shopping fun.

„My friends, they’re a little weird but they mean well,“ says model Kevin Kreider in preview. „They have the whole world at their disposal.“

And while they might have it all – seriously, who can pick up expensive jewelry for hiking? – Their lives aren’t always glamorous. The official description of the series reads: „Between running a billion-dollar business and traveling the world, these friends are as good at keeping secrets as they do in spilling them.“ „And certainly there is no shortage of secrets.“

As the trailer above suggests, we can expect a lot of drama as this elite crew clashes over penis pumps and shaded seating arrangements – all while dripping diamonds and lush fabrics.

Are you excited about this series? Let us know in the comments!

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