Trump allies and Washington insiders helped plan the rallies before the Capitol breach: Reports

Former members of President TrumpDONALD TRUMP: Iran Condemns American Businessman for Espionage: Report In the capital, state capitals see few problems and tight security amid fears of protest, amnesty seekers have paid Trump allies tens of thousands to pressure the president: NYT MOREThe 2020 presidential campaign was instrumental in staging the „Save America Rally“ on January 6 that took place shortly before a pro-Trump crowd stormed the Capitol, despite claims that the event was only created by Trump supporters. The Associated Press mentioned Monday.

A pro-Trump nonprofit group, Women for America First, obtained a permit from the National Park Service that allowed it to host an event on Ellipse near the White House. However, the Associated Press reported that more than six people listed as employees at the event had previously worked on the Trump campaign just weeks prior.

else The port stated that the staff „on site“ had close ties with the White House.

Trump’s re-election campaign said in a statement to the Associated Press that it “did not organize, manage or fund the event,” and denied that any campaign staff was involved in organizing and managing the gathering.

The campaign told The Associated Press that if any former employees or contractors participated in the rally, „they would not do so in the direction of the Trump campaign.“

The director of the „Save America Rally“ project is listed as Justin Caporale, one of the former first lady’s aides Melania TrumpMelania Trump bid farewell to Melania Trump to be the best in a new video Garth Brooks, Joan Baez is among the Kennedy Center this year honors Melania Trump says she was disappointed and frustrated while watching the Capitol riots More. As the Associated Press notes, Caporale has been listed as a Trump campaign payer for most of 2020, as it recently received $ 7,500 every two weeks.

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Maggie Mulvaney, niece of the former White House chief of staff Mick MulvaneyMick Mulvaney Author: Meadows is the worst White House chief of staff in history The Hill’s Morning Report – House of Representatives impeaches Trump this week Democrats and the Republican Party faces critical moments after the Capitol riots MoreAnd Caroline Warren, a major Republican fundraising company, are listed on the statement as well as in the „VIP“ positions, with Maggie Mulvaney and Renn blocking AP reporters who tried to contact them on Twitter.

Mick Mulvaney, who recently held the position The Special Envoy to Northern Ireland, He resigned the day after the fatal breach of the Capitol.

He told CNBC when announcing his departure: „You cannot look at that yesterday and say that I want to be a part of that in any way or form.“

The Associated Press reported that Trump’s campaign manager, Megan Bowers, and at least three campaign aides were named in the pass. A LinkedIn account for Powers indicated that she worked on the Trump campaign as recently as this month.

None of the employees listed on the statement spoke to the AP, and many have reportedly closed their social media accounts.

Trump and his allies faced a major setback in the wake of the Capitol riots. After a week of riots, Trump was fired by the House of Representatives, becoming the first US president to be impeached twice.

Democratic deputies also called Sense. Ted CruzRaphael (Ted) Edward Cruz A recent video clip from inside the Capitol siege shows rioters confronting police and stealing through Senate offices Can we protect our country – from our rulers and from ourselves? Super PAC Democratic is targeting Hawley and Cruz in an even more new ad campaign (R-Texas) and Josh HawleyJoshua (Josh) David Holly Can we protect our country – from our rulers and from ourselves? Sassy, ​​in a fiery editorial, says QAnon is destroying the GOP superstar goals for Hawley and Cruz in a new ad attack More (Republic of Mozambique) for resignation or removal due to their objection to the certification of the election results.

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