The United States set a daily record of Covid-19 deaths on the same day of the Capitol blockade

January 6, a pro-Trump mob day I stormed the US CapitolAmerica also recorded the largest number Covid-19 One day deaths so far due to the epidemic.

There were 3,964 Covid-19 deaths reported on Wednesday, according to New York Times Database. The average number of deaths in the United States now stands at about 2,700 deaths per day over the past seven days. In total, 361,383 Americans died in the epidemic.

Every important metric for Covid-19 – cases, deaths, and hospitalizations – is at or near its highest level in the final days of the Trump administration.

Charts showing Covid-19 metrics since April 2020.
Covid Tracking Project

Despite the introduction of two vaccines, total deaths will continue to rise, along with hospitalization. Public health experts have said they expect the holiday season to continue taking a heavy toll, which will take several weeks to fully emerge in numbers. A new, more infectious species SARS-Cov-2 has arrived, and has appeared in states across the country.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield warned At the start of December, the United States could see up to 450,000 deaths from Covid-19 by February. However, there was no significant federal mobilization to combat the increase.

Public health experts are pointing an accusing finger at the White House, as are the nation’s leaders, for clarity Record-breaking Covid-19 numbers It is reported throughout the country.

Harry Hayman, clinical professor at Georgia State University, told me this week: „From my point of view really, because of failed state and federal leadership, we’re in the position we’re in.“

President Trump has barely commented on the pandemic since Election Day, while arousing discontent over his electoral loss that led to the Capitol blockade on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines that could help end the pandemic You become a mess On his watch.

Hayman said his hope to turn the tide of the pandemic is to bring President-elect Joe Biden into a „Team A“ and provide countries with more resources for the Covid-19 response and vaccine efforts.

After Democratic victories in the Georgia Senate runoff, the other big event of this historic week, Biden was supposed to win. Better opportunity to pass legislation To fund those efforts. Some additional funding for local hospitals and health agencies is already on the way, and it is part of Second Covid-19 Relief Package That passed in December. Biden said additional funding will be a top priority when he takes office.

But in the meantime, thousands of Americans will continue to die from Covid-19, as the United States suffers from its worst epidemic yet.

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