The GR Yaris shows just how fast it really is in front of the Celica GT-Four

There was no such thing as a completely new Toyota GR Yaris Since the old Celica GT4 ST205 in the mid 1990s. It was only a matter of time before someone made a facial –Among the newer monsters of the company’s homogeneity, Gear V has risen to the occasion.

In this short video, British auto legend and Fifth Gear presenter Jason Plateau takes Toyota around Castle Combe to see how fast the Yaris is.

I say „how much faster“ and not „which one is faster“ because, with an additional 18 horsepower, extra gears, nearly 240 pounds lighter weight and 25 years of technological advancement in general, the question was really not whether it was Yaris. could Beat based on what former FIA President Max Mosley once called The ‚most creative‘ cheat like never before. Victory was inevitable – the question was how bad whooped.

This does not mean that Celica is not fast. „You know? It’s 20 years old, that’s very good. Lots of steering needs to be put in place, but once the car starts … that’s, cool.“ Plato walks, as I imagine I’ll be behind the wheel in Sega Rally Cover star on an open path.

After lashing a Silica around Castle Coombe, Plato pinned himself into the Yaris, which he brilliantly referred to as „sharp and pointed“ before placing a full seven seconds faster lap than he did in the old car.

Yaris appears much faster on the track. Of course , is being Faster, but there’s also an optical illusion of seeing modern rally cars, with their short wheelbases and short proportions, crushing the lap compared to the much larger coupe we had in the 1990s. The sheer pace is still a surprise.

We already knew GR Yaris was fast – hell, he is Beat the Civic Type R40 hp more in a drag race. However, every time this hot hatch is let go, it somehow shatters its already high expectations. Meanwhile, those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic are swallowed up by depression more than ever due to the knowledge that we can’t have one.

No, this video isn’t going to make you feel better about it, but seeing these siblings hitting the runway together will put a smile on your face. And maybe, just maybe, we can take a little consolation in the imagination that Toyota will soon fulfill its promise to bring the GR-flavored Corolla to our shores.

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