Texas CEO Cal McNair says Jack Easterby keeps texting Deshawn Watson

Texas owner Cal McNair said Friday that Jack Easterby is not going anywhere, that he has reached out to Deshawn Watson and that he understands Andre Johnson’s frustration that led to his controversial tweet this week about the organization, specifically Easterby.

Despite the widespread criticism of Easter, Including JohnsonAnd, and recent reports that he might be out after two seasons, McNair reiterated his support for the executive vice president of soccer operations who will continue to play an important role on his part in the organization.

When asked if he would fire Easterbie, McNair said „no.“

When asked if Easterby will quit, he said, „No, it’s not what I know.“

McNair said, „The audit on Jack is really unjustified. Jack has been assigned the role (Interim General Manager) the organization he needed. If mistakes were made during this process, we would own the ones inside the building. Jack would return to the role that was brought here and what … He grew up in it after he got here. „

As for Watson, the midfielder who was unhappy because he was not always in the know about the general manager’s research that brought Nick Casierio to Texas, McNair said, “Deshaun and I have been texting since he got back from vacation. It’s no secret he’s disappointed with (lack). Communication during the recruitment process. „

McNair did not disclose the content of his text messages with Watson.

„I prefer to keep this private,“ he said. „I believe in handling personnel issues directly with the players in conjunction with our General Manager.“

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McNair said he and Cacerio will keep Watson in the know while looking for a new head coach.

„We want him in the ring and part of that process,“ McNair said.

As for him and Caserio’s meeting with Watson at some point, McNair said, „Conversations are always good.

„I’ve seen Deschamps since he played for Clemson. I think he can win trophies here. We believe in him. He’s a great guy and he’s from Texas. He’s our quarterback.“

Johnson, the only player to be inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor, Tweet Tuesday Enraged fans and sent the Easter controversy to a new level.

Johnson encouraged Watson to „stand by“ and „since Jack Easterbe got into the building, nothing good has happened in / to the organization and for some reason no one seems to see what is happening. Pathetic !!!“

That person is McNair, who Johnson was a member of the advisory group he consulted with before he began his search for a general manager and head coach.

„We have a long relationship with Andre (and) we feel his passion,“ said McNair. „He has a lot of passion for Texas and the game, and we share that.

“Change is difficult, and we are going through change. I accept that everything has not gone well. We are working through it. If the players, the media and the fans are upset, this is on me. I will apologize for my actions or contacts that have created mistrust.

„I accept the crowd’s frustration. I will listen, learn and commit to improving. We are trying to win the championships and chase them, and I am committed to doing so.“

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McNair recalled that Cácerio is leading the search for a new coach. Caserio will not be speeded up.

„Choosing the right coach is more important than choosing the quick one,“ said McNair. „It means a lot to us, so we’re going to take our time to get the right guy. We’re right in the midst of things.“

Asked why they waited until this week to contact Kansas City attack coordinator Eric Binemi instead of doing so last week, McNair said, „We have been waiting for Nick’s list of training candidates.“

McNair reiterated that Caserio is responsible for all personnel decisions.

„Nick is responsible for all the football staff, contract negotiations – all those things GM has to build the list,“ he said. „That’s what Nick is really good at, and he’s been good at for a long time. Jack will oversee (other) soccer operations.“

Which includes strength, rehabilitation, medical and nutrition – anything that involves the non-commercial side of an operation.

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