Steelers talks to Mike Sullivan about the QB coach position

No, he does not switch from hockey to soccer.

distance Steelers Matt Canada has been announced as Attack Coordinator for the 2021 season, reports have emerged that, unlike the last time they hired an attack coordinator who was previously their midfielder coach, the Steelers will be looking to replace Canada’s role in Coaching Staff for 2020. According to Jerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Steelers speaks with former Giants midfield coach and attack coordinator Mike Sullivan about their open position.

Sullivan began his coaching career in the NFL in 2002 after leaping out of the college ranks as he spent his entire career on the defensive side of the ball. The Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Quality Control Coordinator in 2002, Sullivan switched to the other side of the melee streak in 2003 as an attack assistant. Sullivan spent six years in his capacity New York Giants Wide reception coach before switching to midfield coach for two seasons in 2010 and 2011.

After two Super Bowls with the Giants, Sullivan was hired as Attack Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Pirates For two seasons, before returning to New York as a mid-back coach in 2015. Sullivan was promoted to attack coordinator for the 2016 and 2017 seasons before heading to Denver as midfield coach in 2018.

Sullivan spent the last season as a military officer, his home school, where he was the recruiting director.

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With no requirements for the interview process set by the NFL, Steelers may choose to meet with multiple candidates or simply offer a quarterback coach position to whomever they choose.

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