Sources said Houston Texas QB Deshaun Watson is upset with the team’s hiring process

By hiring former New England Patriots executive Nick Cácerio to solve a plethora of problems within the organization, the Houston Texans created additional issues with the midfielder. Deshawn Watson.

Watson offered his input to potential general manager candidates, but Texas did not consider or consult with those endorsed by the franchise midfielder, league sources told ESPN.

Additionally, Texas has not told Watson that they intend to hire Caserio, and was known to be hiring Tuesday on social media. This contributed to Watson taking to Twitter that night to post „Some things never change ….“

Watson’s feelings weren’t directed at Caserio, sources told ESPN, but instead were referring to the way Texas is running the business again.

In the latest season, Houston didn’t let Watson know the star receiver on a massive scale Dee Andre Hopkins It will be traded, which led to some disappointment. Now that this has happened again, Watson is said to be infinitely upset, the sources told ESPN.

This time, Watson met Texas owner Cal McNair in several instances, exchanging ideas about some of the highly recommended candidates, with Watson suggesting the team at least talk to them, sources told ESPN. Sources told ESPN that he was not expecting Houston to hire his supporters, but that Watson had hoped that Texas would respect the sentiments of his group of colleagues he was trying to represent.

Sources told ESPN that Texas, however, did not act on their quarterback ideas and hired an important for a much smaller circle than the one Watson was trying to help.

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Even if they didn’t want to go ahead with any of the Watson recommended candidates, sources told ESPN that Watson at least wanted to have the opportunity to meet the royal finalists so he could pitch ideas from a player’s point of view for the team – and then the Texans could To hire whoever they want. That opportunity never came.

Now the focus shifts to the fallout from the situation. Texas clearly has an unhappy midfielder on their hands as they welcome Cacero into their franchise in an effort to help rebuild it.

There was already speculation that Watson might request a deal, although Caserio is just starting his job and the team still doesn’t have a head coach. If the team were to exchange Watson, it would have to absorb a maximum salary fee of $ 22 million, although it might take back a bonus from the draft and player selections.

But the mess Caserio is set to clean up is actually greater due to the events surrounding his hiring, as it now includes a player behind a disappointed midfield.

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