Sources – Keri Irving is not expected to join the Brooklyn Nets this week. The National Basketball Association expected to review the videos without a mask

The NBA is expected to review videos circulating on social media without a mask Keri Irving In what appears to be a family birthday party, there is no belief that the Brooklyn Nets keeper will be back in the squad this week, sources told ESPN.

Irving has already been ruled out from his fourth consecutive game Tuesday night against Denver, and sources say he is expected to miss Wednesday’s game against New York and Saturday’s match against Orlando. His absence is due to personal reasons.

In the videos – which went into widespread circulation Monday night – Irving dances, smiling with his sister Asia on a scrapped floor and claps as she blows out the candles. If the video turns out to be up to date, the behavior may be a breach of the league’s coronavirus protocols.

The league’s COVID-19 guidelines prevent players from going to clubs, bars and lounges. They have also banned social gatherings of more than 15 people.

This investigation comes during a turbulent week, as the league re-evaluates health and safety rules for the Coronavirus. The league called off three matches this week as positive COVID-19 tests increased and contact tracing quarantines increased.

The NBA’s Board of Governors will hold a special meeting Tuesday, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The team’s general managers made a call on Monday that focused on tightening protocols.

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The NBA has investigated other health and safety violations this season. In December, Black Sports Online posted a video of James Harden Celebrating, without a mask, at the Houston Club’s Christmas party. After an investigation, the association fined the Houston Rockets star of $ 50,000, and he was forced to quarantine for four days while retesting daily COVID-19 negative tests.

Harden never missed a match.

If a player misses a match due to a COVID-19 violation, they will lose 1/72 of their salary, as per league rules.

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