Samsung will unveil its next flagship smartphones on January 14th

As usual, the constant stream of pre-event leaks means we’re running out of things to be surprised by. Samsung has already opened pre-order reservations for its Galaxy smartphones, and an informed employee at Samsung flagship store in Bengaluru, India has confirmed the launch timing to Android Authority In early December. Although Samsung has not explicitly said about the devices it plans to announce, it is certain that we will take our first official look at the new Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra phones, and possibly along with a new wireless Galaxy Buds. (You can read everything we know about the S21 series so far Here.)

Sure, holding this year’s launch event in a particular year is unusual for Samsung, but the company’s moves later in the year may be more surprising. First, some persistent rumors point to it, rather than stay focused on it Growth of popular Galaxy Note devices in 2021Samsung will focus on pushing “more accessible” foldable smartphones, including its first low-cost models. These reports align well with Samsung’s plan to make more of its devices compatible with the Galaxy Note brand’s S Pen, including this year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra and possibly even Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold. Samsung Head of Smartphone has RohTM Discuss these aspirations publicly already, But expect more information about Samsung’s priorities for 2021 once Unpacked gets started properly.

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