Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell match results, fight broadcast live

2021 kicks off at a fantastic lightweight crossroads this afternoon (Saturday, January 2, 2021) as social media star Ryan Garcia threw Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell to the interim WBC title.

MMAmania.com He will be providing live coverage of this afternoon’s main event below. The DazenLive broadcast (Watch it here) At 3 PM ET, and Garcia and Campbell will likely be close to 6 PM ET.

The 22-year-old Garcia, seen by some as one of the sport’s best young talents, defeated his last two rivals at 2:58. But he takes a big step in the competition against Campbell; The England’s only uncompensated losses came to multi-divisional champ Jorge Linares, who fell ahead of him by a split decision in 2017, and the unmatched Vasily Lomachenko last year.

The winner, along with veteran Javier Fortuna, will be in line to face Devin Haney for the full WBC title. This should not be confused with the recent title of „privilege“ by Teofimo Lopez. Don’t overthink it too hard.

In a previous match, the Alvarado brothers, René and Felix, will defend their titles against Roger Gutierrez and former lowerweight champion Digai Kreel. Former WBO Women’s Superweight Champion Franchon Cruz-Diesorn will also co-star in the tournament, as she will face Lady Ashley Curry.

Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell – Garcia defeated. Campbell from KO at 1:58 on the 7th round
Renee Alvarado vs. Roger Gutierrez – defeated Gutierrez. Alvarado by unanimous decision (113-112 x 3)
Felix Alvarado vs Digai Kriel – Alvarado was defeated. Kriel by TKO at 1:39 in the 10th round

WBC Interim Lightweight Championship: Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell

Round one: Garcia grabs the body to start. The left hook shortens as Campbell tries to walk down. Campbell sends punches, too. Stuck in a corner early, circle out and shoot the body. Hassan left down the basement was hit by Garcia. Good exchange and Garcia lands on the cross. Halfway through. Three pieces go high low. Campbell fires the Triple in return. Garcia takes him back to the ropes, and hits the guard. Campbell digs further from left to flesh. Good trade in the middle and Garcia gets his tongue out. Another corpse that Campbell called. 9-10 Campbell.

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Second round: Campbell with another leaving the flesh. He puts his main foot outside and lands on another. Garcia tries 1-2-3. Gap exchange. The left hook descends to him and unlocks the ropes. Campbell goes low with the left hand. He steps into the center of the ring and turns Garcia with his left hand. It’s a very tough knockout but he wakes up a lot of the time. Right upstairs, be patient. Overhand is short. Garcia lands a hook in the body. Resolved. Cute little hook hook connects. 10-8, 20-17 Campbell.

Round Three: Trade the punches early in the round. Garcia tries 1-2, really lands in the flesh. Campbell hits the body. Peek at Campbell’s hand who sucks 1-2. High low from Garcia. Halfway through. Garcia puts on a cross and eats a hook. Body shot. Campbell goes low with his left hand. Garcia tries to open up in the corner. 1-2 from Campbell. Gap, he left soon after. Garcia goes to the flesh on the ropes. 9-10 Garcia, 29-27 Campbell.

The fourth round: a counter strike knocks on Garcia’s back. 1-2 from Campbell, clinch. Garcia combo shortens. Campbell cautioned against a low boundary kick. Garcia tries three pieces, he has two pieces back. Another body Campbell called meet 2-3. Good 1-2 from Garcia. Campbell with another blow to the body, sucks a couple of rights. Halfway through. Campbell’s body shot. Resolved. Once again, Campbell goes downstairs. Left the counter higher. Resolved. Two more body shots, then another pair. Garcia fires, shot from left to body. 10-9, 39-36 Campbell.

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The fifth round: a fierce exchange in the middle. Campbell hit hard. The combination is in a mostly closed closure. 1-2 per body. Garcia turns from a low height to 2-3. Campbell gets fleshed out, taking low strokes in return. Try Campbell Combo. Halfway through. 2-3. Garcia with the right to flesh. Good progress to right, raised left back to. Low High 1-2 from Campbell. Tries a series of LEFs. A good mix of garcia. The tough check hook in the bell clearly hurts Campbell. 9-10 Garcia, 48-46 Campbell.

Sixth round: Garcia knocks out. Long giveaways. Resolved. Campbell is in the center after he survives. Directly from Garcia. Mixed Campbell Lands. Body tingles. Garcia combo blocked. Halfway through. 1-2 by Garcia, who takes three pieces in return. Campbell hits the body. Garcia checks the hook, tries to rip it on the ropes. Campbell blows with his left hand and a heavy blow in the opposite direction. Body blow. Garcia with hooks downstairs. 10-9, 58-55 Campbell.

The seventh round: the start of the short trade in the center. Campbell hits the body. Crusty upstairs. Garcia drops a right cross, across the guard. Both Japanese straightners. Campbell for the body. Good left hook from Garcia, getting ahead of the ropes. Campbell’s right shot cross-body and cross-body. 1-2 midway. The physical shots were met by an evil one from Garcia that caused the Briton to hit his knees. He can’t beat the count and Garcia has a knockout comeback.

Final result: Garcia was defeated. Campbell by KO

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