Russia gives more than 800,000 people the COVID-19 vaccine

Today, Saturday, the Russian Minister of Health announced that more than 800,000 citizens have received the Coronavirus vaccine in the country, with more than 1.5 million doses being distributed.

Reuters Starting January 1, people who received the Sputnik V vaccine will receive an electronic verification certificate, with the Ministry of Health maintaining a database of all those who have been vaccinated, TASS news agency reported.

Russia ranks fourth in the world for the number of cases of COVID-19, with nearly 3.2 million people infected and more than 57,000 deaths from the virus, according to Data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

However, Russian officials said on Monday that the country The death toll is three times higher than initially reportedWhich means that the actual number of COVID-19 deaths could be over 186,000.

According to Reuters, two doses of Sputnik V use different ingredients and should be taken for 21 days.

The developers found that the Russian vaccine, which began rolling out in early December, has a 91 percent efficacy rate in preventing COVID-19 after two doses.

However, the vaccination has met doubts from some health experts, as the Kremlin announced the registration of the vaccine before all clinical trials were completed.

Despite this, the Russian vaccine has already been distributed to other countries.

Tuesday, Argentina and Belarus began launching it Of the Sputnik V vaccine, as about 300,000 Argentines are expected to be vaccinated. The country of Latin America Expect to receive 20 million doses over the next two months.

Venezuela has also signed a contract Venezuela’s Vice President, Delsey Rodriguez, said this week to get enough doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to vaccinate 10 million people. The country began administering the doses in October as part of a clinical trial.

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Russian state media reported last week that the president Russian President Vladimir PutinVladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the biggest example of media irregularities in 2020 is … Russia is stepping up pressure on critic Navalny with a new investigation Russia accuses a monk of inciting suicide through sermons denying COVID-19 More It was You are due to receive the vaccine, Although it was previously indicated that there is no reason to vaccinate him.

Putin said earlier that one of his daughters participated in a clinical trial of the Sputnik V vaccine in August.

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