Referees admitted that dismissing Draymond Green was a „mistake,“ says Steve Kerr

Diamond Green It should not be expelled Late in the first half of the Warriors‘ game against the New York Knicks Thursday night at Chase Center.

distance Warriors lost 119-104Coach Steve Kerr revealed what the referees had told him at half-time, shortly after they were sent off.

„In the first half, Ben Taylor came out and told me it was a mistake, and that John Butler did not realize that Draimond was yelling at his teammate,“ Kerr told reporters in a video call after the match. I think he was yelling at him.

The Green was sent off with just over a minute remaining in the first half. After a spin trying to get into James Wiseman, Greene yelled into the bullish position as the Warriors returned to defense. It was loud enough to hear the shouting through the Sports Bay Area broadcast on NBC.

Butler apparently thought Green was yelling at him and assessed a second technical error, which resulted in him being automatically fired.

The Warriors were not playing well and dropped the Knicks 63-57 at the end of the first half, but Green’s loss in the second half ended any chance they had to win the match. It makes a big difference to the team.

„It’s clearly one of the best and most influential players,“ Kerr told reporters. „So it hurt us, but we were playing really bad up until that point anyway.“ „I will not talk about the referee, I will talk about our bad play. We are constantly erring. We died at the end of the league due to fouls, I think, in the permitted free throw attempts. And you cannot win matches when you make a mistake, a mistake or a mistake. You have to constantly.“ Taking the ball out of the net after a team launches free throws.

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„You can’t build any rhythm at all. We had four mistakes in the first 55 seconds of the fourth quarter, so we are who we are and obviously I have to do a better job. We are not disciplined and we have to find a way to defend without pollution.“

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Andrew Wiggins, who finished the match with 17 points and nine rebounds, said the Warriors had missed their captain vocal.

„It makes a big difference,“ Wiggins told reporters. „Draymond is a big part of that team on both sides of the floor. His presence, even on the bench, is huge. We missed him, of course, tonight.“

And once the league reviews the game’s movie, it will likely cancel the second technology that rated Green. But this does not diminish the severity of his loss of the second half Thursday night.

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