Oscar Mayer hires a team to drive the Wienermobile across the US

Kraft Heinz is looking to hire a new team of Hotdoggers (yes, that is job posting He says) to drive the famous Wienermobile as a hot dog across the country for a year.

The ideal Hotdogger is „an open-minded, creative, friendly, energetic college graduate with an appetite for adventure and ready to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for one year,“ as the job description states.

Hotdoggers will hit the open road in the 27-foot orange and yellow car, stopping at more than 200 events, according to the job posting.

They will also appear on local TV and radio, give newspaper interviews, and they will create content for social media.

They will sleep in hotels or short-term corporate residences across the country.

In March 2020 it was all Wienermobile events canceled Due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Despite the gap, Wienermobile attracted attention in September, when Hotdogger named „Zach n ‚Cheese“ Proposed To his girlfriend in Yellowstone National Park by the famous hot dog bus.

In October, the Wienermobile took off again.

CNN contacted Kraft Heinz to ask about Hotdoggers‘ Covid-19 security protocols.

The Wienermobile has evolved since the first was created in 1936 by Carl Mayer, according to the company.

The 1969 model year featured Ford Thunderbird taillights and a Chevy home frame averaging 187 „smiles“ per gallon, according to Oscar Mayer.

In 2017, the company fully unveiled the Wienerfleet, including a drone in the shape of a hot dog.

At present, six Wienermobile vehicles will drive through the United States at any given time, according to Oscar Mayer.

The iconic Wienermobile is seen in all its glory.

Interested candidates should get their cookies online and apply by January 31 to be considered.

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