Mega Millions draw time: A million dollar ticket was purchased at Roscoe Village 711 in West Belmont, Chicago

Chicago (WLS) – Someone bought a $ 1 million Mega-Millions ticket at 7-Eleven in Chicago’s Roscoe Village on Tuesday.

This person has not applied yet.

The owner of the store, located at 2341 W. Belmont Avenue, Krunal Patel, will also receive a reward.

Patel said the 7-Eleven doors opened recently in August and it was a very warm welcome in the neighborhood and I hope the store’s wish comes true.

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The shopkeeper plans to share some of the 1% bonus of selling the winning ticket with his employees.

“What makes me happy, and my favorite part of selling Illinois lottery tickets, is that winning this lottery gives another person a chance to live a better life and help fulfill their dreams. I tell my clients if I win, I win,” Patel said. “I plan to use this sale bonus as an opportunity to invest in my employees and customers. My employees will receive a reward, especially the person who sold the winning ticket and I will hold a customer appreciation party – when the guidelines allow. Our support, especially during this time of Covid. „

There was so much excitement at the gas station later Friday that he bought several tickets hoping to be the next lucky winner.

„The time couldn’t be more ripe with everything that’s going on,“ said Harold, the Illinois Lottery director, „getting a big prize like this to get some excitement and take people away from some of the everyday things they have to face.“ Miss.

The loot fever is heating up after Roscoe Village mini mart sold the million dollar ticket.

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“Oh yeah, I’m excited now since the jackpot of $ 750 million,” Patel said.

With Mega Millions and Powerball topping over $ 500 million for the second time, the Video Connection lottery machines in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood are crowded.

„It was crazy. The line went out the door,“ said Charles Price of the Connection Video.

But the odds of winning the $ 750 million jackpot on Friday by matching all five numbers – plus the mega ball – are steeper than at 1 in 302 million.

Powerball isn’t much better at one in 292 million.

According to some experts, you are more likely to kill coconut shed than to win the jackpot. There is a 1 in 50 million chance that this will happen.

But suppose you beat the odds and the money you drop on the ticket results in a whopping $ 550 million cash payout.

Mega Millions player Tess Sylvester said: „I’m just trying my luck, so I can retire early.“ „I’m a nurse, so I’m so tired.“

You can do it or spend your money on one of the most expensive cars in the world. The price of the 2021 Bugatti Chiron is $ 3.6 million.
The Mega Millions Jackpot Prize now amounts to $ 750 million, the largest award ever in Illinois if it wins.

There is now an estimated $ 1.39 billion in jackpot jackpots to be won via both Mega Millions and Powerball. This is only the second time in the history of these games that both jackpots have toped $ 600 million at the same time.

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The next Mega Millions prize draw will be at 10 pm Friday. Powerball fee is Saturday.

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