LG adds QNED Mini LED TVs to its 2021 lineup

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Finally, the King of OLED TVs has begun to ride the Mini-LED train. LG last night Advertise It plans to introduce its first „QNED“ TV at CES 2021.

While LG is promoting QNED, these high-end LCD TVs will feature mini-LED technology. If you are not used to Small lampsThey are very small LEDs roughly a fifth the size of current LEDs. This means you can get more accurate backlighting, as well as better contrast and brightness, for less than OLED. according to edgeLG calls its version of mini-LED „QNED“ because televisions combine Quantum dot (Q) color, its NanoCell (N) technology, and LED (ED) lights. Just don’t confuse it with QLED and OLED.

LG’s QNED 2021 line 10 will include 4K and 8K TVs, with the largest of them measuring 86 inches. If you want to dig deeper into the numbers, televisions have 30,000 tiny LEDs for a claimed contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 and up to 25,000 dimming zones. Like other major TVs from LG, these kids will also feature a refresh rate of 120Hz. TL; DR- These QNED TVs should have excellent contrast, HDR picture quality and better color accuracy than a regular LED TV.

If you want to compare, TCL also uses small LED lights in 8-series Televisions, which have 25,000 LEDs and 1000 zones The cheapest 6 series, Which has an approx 1,000 LEDs And 240 regions. Samsung too Rumored The first mini-LED TVs will be launched in the first half of 2021. The mini-LED wave is not limited to TVs either. MSI launch LED mini laptop This year, while rumors say that Apple It may adopt mini-LED Early in 2021 in as many as six gadgets.

As with most CES-related announcements, we don’t know exactly what LG’s QNED TVs cost. However, they will definitely be cheaper than the company’s OLED TVs. At the very least, we’ll be able to take a look at the 86-inch 8K LG QNED screen starting January 11 at LG’s virtual booth at CES 2021. Although it probably won’t look nearly as cute with our webcams.

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