Jimmy Fallon cleans Steve Cornucky’s desk

In the wake of Steve Kornaki’s active analysis on Election Night, Jimmy Fallon He visited MSNBC and Wonk To hand in a thank you gift (Subway gift card $ 5 and a bottle of whiskey by plane, to be exact), only to know that Kornacki’s desk, also at 30 Rock, is the physical manifestation of all the mess Steve Cornacki She actively fights against every day as a journalist. While Mary Condo He could have cried with joy from the amount of mess Steve had amassed, our boy deserves better, which is why Fallon stopped Monday to clean Steve Cornaki’s dirty desk by himself.

„They were in Khaki country Now, “he pondered wandering around empty MSNBC offices.“ I feel like I’m in a horror video game. ”Of course, Steve Cornaki’s dirt is unwashed cups of coffee and peanut shells, and more pre-tied neckties and US National Election Studies data source 1952-1978 Source of enthusiasm, Steve Cornacki: “This is long overdue. It will probably last for a day or two, but it looks great now, ”Kornacki says as a reaction when he gets the big revelation.“ I feel like I have more things before. ”

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