James died and the toughest season so far

We are coming hot.

Walk a thirst trap James Matt He took over the reins as the sexiest man in America over the next few months with the start of Season 25 of „The Bachelor“.

And his daughters are angry: This looks set to be the most grueling season in Bachelor’s history. A contestant brought Matt brought a rocker, and someone brought up Steamy WAP reference. One of the limousines walked out in lace underwear and asked Matt to choose her gown. Someone called him Papa in a promotion. We would love to see it.

Even though they’re on the cool east coast (the Bachelor Palace has temporarily moved into a luxury resort in Pennsylvania), this season looks hot with drama. And luckily for us, it only comes in 13 days After the finale of the series The Bachelorette. „

This is what happened on the first night.

Meet Matt

Unless you follow Tyler Cameron – Matt’s BFF – on Instagram, most old viewers weren’t aware of Matt before tonight. He is biracial and was raised by a single mother in North Carolina. He played football at Wake Forest University, lives in New York City and volunteers with children. He’s the first black bachelor in history, and that weighs him down: “I don’t want to anger black people, I don’t want to anger white people,” he told Chris Harrison.

To meet the ladies

Victoria meets Matt James.
Do we think Victoria watched The Crown?

32 women have been quarantined for weeks and taken four tests for COVID-19 in hopes of sharing the drops with Matt. There were some real winners, like Mary: „Have you ever met someone and don’t know what to say?“ Matt said after I moved away. The Magi came all the way from Ethiopia to be on show.

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Chelsea wore hell out of her dress.

Many went into outright competition for the most absurd spelling – looking at you, Pieper, Khaylah and Kali. But this is a contest for love, and it is not out of place. In this column, we’re focusing on the moves that are made to get Matt’s attention:

  • I am A lifebuoy kit brought him with actual „red flags“ for him to wave at the women.
  • KhaylahHe, who is from North Carolina like Matt, arrived in a pickup truck.
  • AliciaA ballerina from New York City danced her way out of a limousine.
  • ego He brought the spaghetti and gave him the kiss of „The Lady and the Tramp.“
  • time Walked in a bra and lace panties. Matt helped her choose between two packages. „Damn it,“ he said as she walked away. „A woman must love with confidence.“
  • MG He tried to get in a pizza delivery car with a pie in hand, but it was locked.
  • Katie Matt brought Vibrator „because he delivered her through the epidemic.“
  • Kimberly He brought a big fish and threw it to Matt, for a reason I don’t understand.
  • „the Queen“ Victoria She was carried to a throne and put on a crown – then she fell while walking down the stairs.

Cocktail party

Matt James leads the women in prayer before the cocktail party.
Scaled competition.

As a prelude, Matt led his ladies in prayer rather than to toast their journey. Then the women went to the „Can I steal it for a second war“ war. God bless them.

Talk to Sarah about how he struggles with expectations to be perfect. When Mary tells him about her family in Puerto Rico that deals with tornadoes, Katie cuts and shakes her.

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Kheila continued to exploit her hometown advantage, sharing a toast of sweet tea with her husband. „Princess“ several Tried the same strategy, it gave him a snowball in the shape of New York City – even though Queen V pulled it out and then pestered some ladies for not spending time with Matt alone yet. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this guy isn’t here to make friends. It works overtime to free the villain.

Brie and Matt were related because of their similar upbringing: She’s also bisexual and was raised by two separate parents.

First (real) kiss

But it was Abigail Who Stole His Heart: After revealing that she is partially deaf and wearing cochlear implants, Matt is honored to have opened up before him.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, and he kissed her.

First impression rose

Not surprisingly, this also went to Abigail.

The rose ceremony

Matt James and 32 women competing for his heart in Season 25 of "BSC."
How many shots did it take for them to get this picture?

A bunch of really cool ladies have got roses like Brie, Mary, Chelsea, and Kristen. But * group groan * Victoria also got one. At least we know in advance who’s just here to stir up trouble at home – but they usually don’t get past the fifth week.


I guess first-to-one would go for someone who caught Matt’s attention but didn’t get much time with him tonight, like Chelsea. But boredom showed more women getting in and more and more crying, which is a real mess of the producers‘ making. Fasten seat belts.

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