If you already use electric cars, you probably stay: report it

It can be tough to convince the haters of the virtues of electric cars, unless these guys are from California, or these people have already been on board with that concept from the start. But according to a new study, once people make the jump, they tend to stay.

Dinar power He said This was the first time they had conducted the study, which it calls the Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study, which I will therefore refer to as „the study“. The study asked electric vehicle owners various questions related to their satisfaction with their electric cars. Not surprisingly, owners say range was the most important thing to them, along with how good or poor the charging grid was, and cost savings over the life of the car versus a gas-powered vehicle.

Even more interestingly, brand loyalty doesn’t seem like a big thing in the electric car world, at least among people who weren’t satisfied with the electric cars they ended up with. Most of these people Also They say they will buy another electric car.

The study finds that 95% of EV owners whose satisfaction with their total ownership exceeds 900 points say they will buy another EV. Almost two-thirds of these owners (64%) say they „will definitely buy back the same brand“. However, the likelihood of repurchasing the same brand decreases as satisfaction decreases. Among owners whose satisfaction ranges between 600 and 750 points, 77% indicated that they would „definitely buy“ another EV – although the same brand has only 25% chance of repurchasing.

The score points in that paragraph refer to the responses of individuals, not the index score for specific models, but you can probably guess who scored the highest in the total. I invite you to check the following bar charts from studying:

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It seems the story, then, is that a lot of Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt owners aren’t necessarily fond of their papers or screws, but that either hasn’t ruined their electric cars forever. Perhaps the worst news is for Audi and Jaguar, which head straight to Tesla and both wind up in the back. In the meantime, most Tesla car owners appear to be completely happy with their decision, with one caveat:

While driving pleasure varies greatly by sector (892 for the premium electric vehicle and 758 for the large electric vehicle for the market), only in the mass market segment does driving pleasure outweigh quality and reliability. Quality and reliability are the most important factor in owning a premium electric vehicle. It is noteworthy that while Tesla is seen to be of poor quality, Tesla owners are generally more satisfied, indicating their desire to overlook quality issues.

Quality issues Tesla has been with him for yearsAnd, if it didn’t overwhelm them at this point, it likely should never. And the idea that old car makers could beat Tesla if they did Simply The attempt becomes more doubtful than ever.

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