Five artists must play Half-Time Show in Super Bowl

picture: Getty Images

It’s hard to believe the Foo Fighters didn’t actually play the halftime show. If there’s ever a squad that’s specifically designed to play the Super Bowl halftime show, it’s the Foo Fighters. It’s like some kind of government-backed think-tank or lab was going to create a squad for the Super Bowl, it would be the Foo Fighters. The man Dave Grohl spent nearly 25 years trying to convince us that he, Bruce Springsteen, actually did. If the NFL wanted to pick a squad that would be applauded globally by the still overwhelmingly white and middle-aged press corps, you wouldn’t find another one in the pocket. It would be the only danger Taylor Hawkins says something really stupid With such a trumpet, he proves the universal truth that does not let the drummer speak. In fact, the band as a whole proves that, given where Grohl came from.

Grohl might be under the impression that he or the band still has enough villain / street credibility to look at a party like this, but they lost it long ago. This is their natural end, and Grohl can’t swim against the tide anymore. If he desperately wants to hold on to that fairytale credibility, he can only play drums while Saint Vincent sings Nirvana songs and Josh Ohm sings Them Crooked Vultures during the performance, setting up the best taste and switch in the league and their fans. This should offset the public discomfort that the Foo Fighters have had in popular culture over the past two decades.

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