Every Easter egg hidden in Disney and Pixar’s „soul“

Disney and Pixar Spirit It premiered at Disney + this Christmas yesterday. Pixar fans will know that the studio has a bunch of Easter eggs that each of their feature films includes. Spirit No exception, so here is a list of sites where you can find every Easter egg from Pixar in the movie. Be careful, there are minor spoilers ahead.

Pizza Planet Truck

The Pizza Planet truck made its debut in Toy story, Where Pizza Planet was a place the characters actually went. Although Pizza Planet itself hasn’t appeared since then, the iconic truck has appeared in every Pixar movie. brave Despite its status in the Middle Ages in Scotland. at Spirit, You’ll spot a Planet Pizza truck on the left in the Everything Hall (under the plane). You’ll also likely see some other Pixar items hidden in the aptly-titled hall, including Axiom from Wall-E (Center, in the distance), Willis Bout from Cars (Center left) and more, all in one shot.


Spirit a113

A113 (CalArts class number) also appears in the same shot from The Hall of Everything but can be hard to spot. It can be seen on a street sign on the right, under the Ferris wheel.

Luxury ball

Spirit-Lux Ball

The Ball from Pixar Luxurious son. Short at home a cardboard box 22, to the left of the sink and sofa.

Joe Grant, Joe Ranvit, and Jack Kirby

The names of the soul

Also in the 22 house there is a wall covered with name tags. While everyone on the wall is famous, there are three names that Disney and Pixar fans might recognize: Joe Grant (center left in photo above), Joe Ranft (bottom center) and Jack Kirby (top center). Grant was one of the Disney animated legend who worked on it Snow White and the Seven Dwarves And many more Disney movies following, including Pixar movies Monsters Corporation. Ranft, who is also a Disney legend, has worked at Disney and later at Pixar, including co-writing. Toy story And the expression of Heimlich in Bug’s life. Kirby was an artist and creative Marvel comic book artist.

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Partners statue

Soul partner statue

A copy of the famous partners statue from Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom appears in the Dr. Burgenson Hall to you early on Spirit.


Spirit 2319

“2319” the symbol was screaming when a human sock was found on a monster inside Monsters Corporation. It is visible on the side of the New York City Subway (top left of the image above).


Prang spirit

Brang might not be as known to Pixar fans as some other Easter eggs, but it made its debut in Inside out. Riley’s father works for Prang and wears a logo T-shirt. An advertisement for Brang appears partially inside a subway car (top left in the photo above).


Luca's soul

Like nearly all Pixar movies, Spirit Hints about the next movie: Luca. at Spirit, A travel agency in New York City has a PortoRosso poster in its window (image left above). According to the poster, you can „Fly Luca Airlines“ to visit PortoRosso. Luca is being They are coming to theaters next summer.

Have you caught any of the Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments.

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