DJI is now selling a warranty to replace your drone if it flies away

DJI is Now offering flyaway coverage As for its Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2, in case they develop their own mind and take off. The replacement cost of the fugitive plane is $ 225 for the mini, and $ 399 for the Mavic, which is higher than its price. DJI’s Care Refresh Extended Warranty. So, you’ll pay $ 50 for the Mini and $ 80 for the Mavic. If you already own one of these drones and Extended Warranty you are eligible for a flight path exchange henceforth.

The extended warranty also lets you replace your drone if it gets destroyed twice a year for $ 50 each. As for flying coverage, there’s a one-time limit – if you end up replacing you too, you’re in trouble to have it replaced, although there’s a two-year version of the warranty that costs more and covers three accidents and flying.

For half the price of a new drone, the replacement costs are rather high compared to something like AppleCare Plus with theft and loss, Which only charges $ 149 to replace a lost or stolen iPhone. DJI Coverage doesn’t cover you in the event that your drone is lost or stolen, only if it’s captured by the sky, but it also costs less to get started: adding theft and loss coverage to iPhone 12 It’s $ 219, or $ 269 for the iPhone 12 Pro, for example.

Of course, you hope drones never fly on their own in the first place. On the announcement page, DJI says, „Certain accidents are inevitable when flying in complex environments, or in locations with crosstalk, strong winds, or obstructive perspectives.“If you’ve been purchasing an expensive drone, I hope you know what to do in most of these situations (although wind seems to be a valid factor in a flying event).

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DJI appears to be making progress in this regard, although searching for ‚drone‘ on Google raises many stories from 2018 and earlier, but it appears to be less frequent nowadays. Still, if you’re worried about losing Your cute planeIf you decide to slip through the tough links of the Earth, it’s good to have more options to visit the big drone factory in the sky.

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