Deutsche Bank agrees to pay more than $ 100 million in fines, enters into delayed litigation agreement with federal prosecutors

The Deutsche Bank has entered into an agreement with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn by remote. The criminal complaint accuses the bank of two counts, including conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and conspiracy to electronic fraud affecting a financial institution.

The bank has agreed to „fully cooperate“ with federal prosecutors on any matters currently under investigation.

In a statement to CNN, German bank (DB) Spokesman Dan Hunter said that while the bank could not comment on the details of the decisions, it was responsible for these past actions that occurred between 2008 and 2017.

„Our comprehensive internal investigations, and our full cooperation with the investigations of the Ministry of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission in these matters, reflect our transparency and our determination to place these matters firmly in the past,“ Hunter said in the statement.

“As recognized in the decisions, we have taken important corrective actions in response to these problems. More broadly, in the years since these problems occurred, we have invested more than one billion euros in data, technology and controls, as well as with improving our training and operational processes. We have combat financial crime to more than 1,600 people globally, and we will continue to invest heavily in technology this year and in the future, especially in relation to financial crime compliance crimes. „

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