Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says QB Dak Prescott has leverage in contract talks

Frisco, Texas – With the Dallas Cowboys knocking out a disappointing 6-10 season and winning only four out of 11 games without it, owner and general manager Jerry Jones acknowledged Dak Prescott In a good position regarding contract talks.

„I don’t know how you can have more leverage,“ Jones said at 105.3 The Fan. „… his development into the NFL midfielder was nothing short of a perfect image. He has a great ability, in my opinion, to win matches. He’s talented. He definitely has the experiences and he has all the things, which was backed by what we showed Duck. Show Duck what we presented in the past if you didn’t think he was so special. The problem is, How do you get together? This is not strange to me. I’ve been doing this all my life, putting things together. We have to put it together.

The Cowboys and Prescott agent, Todd France, can resume negotiations on a long-term deal now that the team’s season is over. Once the parties did not reach an agreement on a contract on June 15, Prescott had to play the 2020 season with a franchise mark of $ 31.4 million, and were only able to clinch a deal after the season ended.

The Cowboys offered Prescott a deal that sources said averaged $ 34.5 million annually, including a $ 50 million signing bonus and $ 110 million in guarantees. The biggest problem was the length of the term. Cowboys wanted five years; France responded with four because impending television broadcasting contracts are expected to raise the salary ceiling substantially in the future.

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Cowboys will have to contend with a low salary cap in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cap costs $ 175 million per team, but the Cowboys will charge a little over $ 25 million in unused space as of 2020.

If Cowboys used the Prescott franchise brand again, it would cost them $ 37.7 million. Even with a long-term deal, Prescott’s cap number for 2021 is likely to be more than $ 30 million given the necessary contract structure.

„We have a certain amount, period, that can be paid to players every year. It’s very competitive, and the longer the duration, the more flexibility you have in whatever numbers you have in the contract,“ Jones said. To the main network of the team. „Plan ahead, consider what you can spend, and what you can offer for any other free agents, that’s your overall planning.“

Prescott suffered a compound dislocation and fracture of his right ankle in the Cowboys‘ fifth week victory against the New York Giants. He was on his way to his best statistical season, with 1,856 yards, including nine touchdowns and four interceptions, but the Cowboys were 2-3 in their five starts.

„He’s here every day going through a rehab process,“ said team coach Mike McCarthy on Monday. „He’s making progress and, as you’d expect, he’s doing it very quickly.“ „Regarding the schedule, I don’t have details about when he will do fieldwork and dates and things like that. I don’t have it for you. But I know based on the surgery plan and what he’s supposed to do and where he’s doing, everything is fine.“

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As for contract conversations that affect a coach’s ability to work with Prescott in the off-season, McCarthy said, “I can’t answer the contract question. From my perspective and location, I’m very confident we will succeed. Focusing on what the future holds and what we will do about the attack, the team and its leadership. „

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