Braden Smith picks up on the Pro Bowl nominee to head out for the Colts

The Indianapolis Colts went from applause to building support for the Pro Bowl nomination for the right offensive counter Braden Smith For their era because the former Auburn All Americans will miss Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Visiting Indianapolis Pittsburgh in a match full of implications for both teams as well as others across the AFC, the Colts were counting on Smith to defuse NFL leader T.G. Watt because he had all the other rushing passes this season.

But Smith will not play against Pittsburgh after Indianapolis placed him in Reserve / COVID-19 on Friday.

Smith has not given up on Kiss this season, and that kind of play has caused Anthony Castonzo, the left-off attacking tackle from Indianapolis, to issue a plea from the Pro Bowl on behalf of his teammate.

Let’s start the Braden Smith campaign in the Pro Bowl, Castonzo said Journalists shout at the end of his press conference on December 13th. „This guy has been playing the lights this year, and I haven’t heard much talk about him, as far as we can, let’s push it because he’s turning on the firing lights.“

Colts coach Frank Reich has loaned the nomination.

„I don’t want to start naming names, but if you name one of the players who I think is one of the best correct tackles in the league, it’s Braden Smith,“ Reich said. „He was a model for persistence in every match. I’m not sure it was a bad day in training or a Sunday. The guy is a nail.“

The popular campaign did not produce the desired result. Two Indianapolis attackers have made the AFC roster at the Pro Bowl Center Ryan Kelly (former Alabama Lead) and left goalkeeper Quinton Nelson – but Smith didn’t.

The PRO BOWL Rosters includes 8 with Alabama football roots

On Tuesday, Smith said that for him it means more teammates and the coach to speak up on his behalf than to have the entire All-Star Team do.

„At the end of the day, it’s not all about getting personal rewards,“ Smith said. „It’s always nice to have that, but at the end of the day, our goal is to win the Super Bowl, and that’s a team thing. That’s the great thing about football. It’s a team sport. …

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„I think this is an even greater honor, knowing that I respect my coach and colleagues. It means more to me than anything else.“

Colts Smith added in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, but not to play interference. It was an all-American first team selection by the Associated Press in 2017 in the Guard.

But injuries caused Colts Smith to put in the right tackle in the fifth game of his rookie season, and with the exception of a match he missed due to a thumb injury, he’s almost been there since then.

„It was kind of crazy.“ Smith said. „I never thought, honestly, I was going to be playing in the NFL. I thought I was going to be a goalkeeper. I mean, I played a little in college, basically like training and things like that. I started my sophomore year once against Jacksonville State in a correct tackle. „So I didn’t have much experience with it. But as more years go by under your belt – my first start as a beginner in the fifth week – you take every game and every year and learn from it constantly.“

Castonzo said Smith had a natural foundation to become a first-rate therapist.

„The way he can move people away from the ball in the game of running is something he was able to do from the moment he stepped on the field,“ Castonzo said. „It’s impressive how he can be nearly parallel to the ground but not out of balance. … I’m kidding him, he’s lucky. He’s kinda built perfectly for it. As tall as he has shorter legs and a longer torso, he can go down.“ …

„For many weeks, Braden was facing the best player in the opponent’s defense. You don’t hear about Braden, you don’t hear about the man who plays against him.“

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Players can be placed in custody / COVID-19 because they have come back with a positive test or are considered to be in close contact with someone who has them. Colts do not reveal why the player entered the COVID-19 list.

Raven Clark interferes at Indianapolis‘ highest reserve points into the injured reserve after suffering a ruptured Achilles tendon on December 6. This leaves Chaz Greene and Will Holden to replace Smith. Green shot on the field with 62 shots in a 34-31 win over Green Bay Packers on November 22 and 64 shots in a 26-20 win over Houston Texas on December 6. Holden was signed outside the Baltimore Ravens squad training after Clark was injured and did not play for the Colts.

The Indianapolis problem with Smith was compounded by Castonzo’s injuries. He missed training for two days this week due to knee and ankle ailments.

„We went through all the scenarios with Chaz and Will Holden and all the other combos that we have,“ Reich said on Friday. „We have plan A, B and C depending on how things change on Sunday as far as AC and its ongoing state are concerned, so it’s already planned. We just have to see how it goes on Sunday.“

Turns out, Indianapolis won’t have to wait to see. On Saturdays, ponies Castonzo announced out For Sunday’s game.

NFL WEEK 16: Schedule, TV, Odds

The Colts and Steelers are due to take off at noon Sunday CST at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers lost three games in a row to drop to 11-3. Despite the recession, Pittsburgh snatched a watershed position with two Sundays remaining in the regular season. A win over Indianapolis would seal the North Asia Championship as well.

At 10-4, the Colts tied with the Tennessee Titans for first place in South Asia. But the titans hold the tiebreak in Indianapolis.

The Colts are also fighting for the top three in the Asian Qualifiers. Indianapolis would clinch a wild pavement if it beat the Steelers and lost the Miami Dolphin to Las Vegas Riders on Saturday night or lost the Baltimore Ravens to the New York Giants on Saturday.

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Mark Enabenet is a sports reporter for the Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter at AMarkG1 coffin.

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