Arian Foster, one of the former greatest Texans, after he shot the organization: „They really didn’t give any attention“

the previous Houston Texas Wide receiver Andre Johnson criticized the organization two weeks ago and defended the Texas team Deshawn Watson While taking a live shot of Jack Easterby, CEO of Football Operations amid commercial rumors involving the QB franchise.

„If I were deshaunwatson, I’d stand on the ground,“ Johnson said Books at the time. „The Texas organization is known for squandering players‘ careers. Ever since Jack Easterbe walked into the building, nothing good has happened in the organization and for some reason no one seems to see what happens. Pathetic !!!“

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Now, two weeks later, another great player who used to play for the franchise has decided it is his turn to take on the organization. Ariane Foster, a groundbreaking pioneer (6,472 yards) in the franchise’s history, discussed the team and how badly they handled the stars.

„I know the organization had its problems bringing in free agents, which I never understood,“ Foster said during an appearance inJewels and juicePodcast. They struggle to communicate with the players. I’ve always thought about this about the NFL in general, but my experience with Houston is that they really give nothing about how you felt and what you said. It was like „do as we say.“ This is another variable that explains why I am attributed to the gains and losses.

Dishon Watson wants nothing after his next Texas coach: report

„It was like, I’m not going to give any attention to my input. Maybe three coaches – senior – have played at this level, [the others] Just [have] About the game, „Foster continued.“ So how can you not get input from people who do it at a high level, who are in it? I never understood that s – t. And once you realize that you are just a chess piece, to me, it was like, „Well, I’ll do my best … I’ll play hard … the thing … Take care of my entitlements … but I’m here for a purpose.“

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Now, Texas is the only team in the NFL without a head coach, and even if they decide to hire Presidents of Kansas City Attack coordinator Eric Pennemi as Bill O’Brien’s successor, Watson reportedly still had no interest in the franchise.

Texas Grand Organization Andre Johnson Plastis amid rumors of the Deshun Watson trade

Originally, it was said that Watson wanted Texas to ask for his contribution to the open general manager position and key coaching positions, but team owner Cal McNair came forward and hired Nick Casereo from New England Patriots For the opening of the general manager.

ESPN stated that regardless of who Texas hires him next, he will not change Watson’s mind and he is expected to still want to leave.

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With commercial rumors lingering across Watson since reports emerged that he was unhappy, the New York Jets It seems he has turned into a true relegation competitor with one of the best midfielders in football.

Watson finished the 2020 NFL season with a league spike of 4,823 yards to match the 33 touchdowns and seven career interceptions low. With that, the Texans finished 4-12, and were the bottom of the barrel in South Asia.

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