Jaylen Brown’s constant improvement in Full Show at Beat the Celtics drops his career highs 42 points versus the Grizzlies

Last season, the big story was in Boston Jason Tatum The leap towards stardom. He emerged as a versatile goalscorer who could stand the attack on his own, making his first all-star match and debut in the NBA. The praise he received was well deserved, but overshadowed the fact that his partner was in the ward, Jaylen Brown, He made steady improvements on his own.

The trend continued into the early part of the season, and after Brown’s stellar performance Wednesday night, it can no longer be ignored. Brown finished with 42 points, five rebounds and four assists in his career CelticsDominant 126-107 win over grizzly.

It was a great outing, and that’s exactly what the Celtics and their fans want to see from Brown. Not only because of the large numbers, but because it showed its continuous growth in a number of areas.


3-point shooting was one of Brown’s biggest weaknesses in the league, but he quietly turned it into strength. He is now a trusted man, having eliminated 41.9 percent of those attempts last season. Against the Grizzlies, 7 out of 10 went downtown to match the highest of his career, and although he showed some positional looks, he also showed off his game outside of dribbling. After his big night, he hits 44 percent of 3 in the season, and continues to prove that teams need to protect him outside of the arc.

Play industry

The gaming industry is another area in which Braun’s game has advanced. He wasn’t required to do much when he first arrived in Boston, but that changed as he played a bigger role in the attack, especially this season with Gordon Hayward He went Kimba Walker He was sidelined due to a knee injury.

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Brown rose to the challenge, averaging 3.4 assists per match, which would be the best of his career. He makes better readings when he enters the aisle, as you can see here. (Later in the Ball Handling section, there’s another example.)

He has also thrown one of the best passes we’ve seen from anyone this season, inserting a needle into Tatum in Fastbreak.

Handling the ball

It might sound simple, but one of the reasons Brown has been so successful in the previous two areas is because he’s a lot better at dribbling. His grip is tighter and faster, and he can now confidently make moves in tight spaces, bypassing people and creating opportunities for him and his teammates.

Just see how comfortable he is here putting a few moves together before he rises to the jump, which drains it on a powerful defender. Dillon Brooks.

Later in the game, he did all kinds of moves to shake the defense and create an open appearance Aaron Nesmith. He did not have these skills early in his career.

Brown’s constant improvement throughout his career has been a lot of fun, testament to his desire to be great. We hear a lot about players who made the big leap, but we don’t hear much about players who are gradually enhancing their game year after year. Brown took this less impressive route, but he reached the destination intact.

There were doubts about it when it was drafted as the # 3 public choice in 2016, and it has been in the trade rumors for years, but it just kept getting better and proving why Danny Aing believes in him.

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